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Top 6 Responsibilities of an Outstanding Tenant

How to be an Outstanding Tenant

Successful & responsible landlords seek the perfect tenant to rent their property, but what makes a top-quality tenant? 

Landlords will often look for standard benchmarks like:

  • Good credit history 
  • Affordability based on income
  • References from your previous landlord

These checks, simply put, are to ensure a tenant can afford to pay rent on time and won’t damage the property. 

A Landlord who goes above & beyond will look for more than these checks – although it can often be harder to gather this information, there are additional screening points that separate an average tenant from an outstanding one. 



It might be surprising to see this first. Especially with all the legal obligations & responsibilities that come with being a tenant, however, we aim to outline the qualities of an excellent tenant. 

If something has happened to you or your apartment that could harm your situation – convey this to your landlord. Whilst you do not have a legal obligation to share your private information, having honest communication can stop any further implications to your situation.

Pay Your Rent on Time

Paying your rent is first and foremost for any tenant. To ensure you keep your agreement and tenant-landlord relationship positive. Like any business, there’s an exchange of goods or services. In a renting scenario, you are paying your landlord and in return, get a property to live in with maintenance & potential other amenities. 

Landlords depend on regular payments to cover costs such as; mortgage payments, service charges & maintenance. 

A top tip is to schedule automatic payments via your landlord’s property management software to ensure on-time payments without needing to process them manually every time. 

Did you know you can even improve your credit score with rent payments via Canopy? They wrote an article about it here.

Report Maintenance Issues

Even tiny problems can lead to big bills, even for you as a renter! So report them as soon as you see them. If a leaky shower goes without repair for months, it can do lots of damage. You may even be responsible for the cost of repairs if you do not report the damage. 

Submitting a maintenance request is simple, especially with modern property management software apps.


Person using app to report maintenance problem

Treat the Property like Your Own

We expect normal wear & tear within a lived property, but preventing severe damage is what makes a top-quality tenant. Take pride & responsibility where you live – not only will this ensure the return of your deposit, it will create a positive tenant-landlord relationship and earn you an outstanding future recommendation from your landlord. 

Having a proactive approach is key! Before you report maintenance issues ask yourself whether you could resolve them first (within the terms of your lease and without risk to yourself & others, of course)

Some maintenance does fall under tenant responsibility, such as; changing smoke detector batteries, care & cleaning of appliances like ovens and microwaves, preventing mould build-up from condensation 

Keep Your Apartment Clean

Not just for your health & wellbeing. Cleaning your apartment will prevent a build-up of uninvited guests (not the human kind) and reduce the likelihood of damage. If neglected, a landlord can deduct the cleaning & repair or extermination costs from your deposit. 

Student cleaning apartment


Follow Lease Terms

Your lease goes beyond paying rent covering obligations that protect you, your landlord and other tenants within the property (and your neighbours). 

Make sure to have a good read through your rights & responsibilities within the lease. A great tenant will uphold the commitments that a poor tenant might break, such as disturbing other tenants’ right to quiet enjoyment. Failing to pay rent is not the only ground for eviction if broken. 

Final Thoughts

We chose the above six tips to help you understand what makes an excellent tenant and prevent any negative consequences that could affect your future. 

Having open communication means if things go wrong, you may be able to work out an alternative agreement or break your lease without negatively impacting your rental history and future. To conclude, Landlords understand situations can change – if dealt with earlier can be managed to the benefit of everyone. 


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