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How To Be An Eco-Friendly Tenant

7 Energy Saving Tips Every Tenant Should Try

Energy Saving Tips

At Urban Evolution we want to incorporate more sustainability measures to do our part for the environment. With rising energy costs and escalating climate change, we urge tenants to help us become more sustainable as a company. We ask our tenants to become more environmentally conscious when living in our properties. Here are 7 energy saving tips every tenant should try to become more eco friendly, save utility bills and help us on our sustainability journey!

1. Turn Off The Radiators In Unused Rooms

Turning off your radiators in rooms you are not using is one of the most efficient ways to save energy. Throughout the cold evenings try only turning on the radiator in communal areas such as the living room. If you are not in your bedroom keep the radiators off or on at a low setting.

2. Reduce Your Shower Time

As tempting as long hot showers might be, this impacts utility bills significantly. Energy saving Trust recommends people should only spend 4 minutes in the shower. Cutting down your shower time to 4 minutes can significantly reduce utility bills by £90 in one year! Additionally having cold showers has proven to boost immune systems and improve mental and physical health. Is anyone brave enough to try this?

3. Turn Off Unused Lights

It’s time to get into the habit of obsessively turning off lights! Turning off the lights in unused rooms is the easiest way to energy save and reduce carbon emissions.

4. No Charging of Electricals Overnight

As Millennials and Gen Z’s we rely heavily on electrical devices. This requires charging them regularly. Many of us put our electricals on charge every night and think little of it however this contributes to utility bills. Not only does it ramp up utility bills it also is damaging to battery devices. According to phone battery provider Cadex, charging your phone every night damages the battery’s lifespan. Time to cut it out!

5. Don’t Leave Your TV On Stand By

We are all guilty of leaving devices on standby. We may not think much of it however Energy saving Trust calculated that turning off standby devices can save around £65 a year! Next time you’re turning off the TV, rather than using the remote control turn it off from the switch on the wall.

6. Wash Your Clothes At A Lower Temperature

Why not share wash loads with your roommates and wash your clothes at a lower temperature? Not only does this save energy it can also save the number of washing capsules. Saving you money and helping the environment.

7. Wrap Up Warm

We urge you to avoid leaving your heating on throughout the night. Rather than using energy and heating the entire apartment wrap up warm going to bed. The best way to do this is to buy an oodie on Amazon. Trust me, you will not regret it! Other ways to keep warm this winter are to invest in a hot water bottle, under blankets, and of course, fluffy pyjamas.

Got any more ideas of how we can reduce energy consumption and become more eco friendly? Get in touch via our socials!
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