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Do I Need Contents Insurance as a Student/Tenant?

Securing Your Valuables When Renting

Are you worried about losing valuables as a student or tenant? Fear not, here is a simple guide to secure your phones, laptops, bikes, and other personal valuables.

According to Crime Rate UK in 2021, 79.51 per 1000 people were victims of robbery, an increase of 1.18% from 2020. Students in particular are top targets for thieves therefore you must have a safety net if an unfortunate event does happen. Many renters believe that looking into contents insurance is unnecessary until their bicycle or laptop has been stolen. Save yourself the stress, don’t wait for the worst to happen, secure your valuables now! 

Contents Insurance for students

 1. Contents Insurance, What is it? Do Tenants Need Content Insurance?


Contents Insurance is not a necessity however to prevent coughing up the price of a laptop or phone after a burglary, it is the safest option.  

This is a type of home insurance that covers the possessions in your home. Every Contents Insurance policy differs however in most cases, you will be covered for any damage or theft of your personal belongings that takes place at your accommodation. 

Tenants Contents Insurance can cover:  

  • Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops 
  • TVs 
  • Appliances 
  • Furniture 
  • Bikes
  • Clothes 
  • Books (including your university textbooks) 
  • Cash 

Contents insurance is not legally required when renting; however, it gives you peace of mind that you will be financially protected if your belongings are stolen or damaged. Small payments will seem like a minor expense compared to the cost of renewing valuable belongings. Therefore, it is worth the small payment!  

Here are some top tenant and student Contents Insurance providers: 

Alternatively, you may find a cheaper quote by uploading your details and requests to price comparison sites: 

 2. Home Insurance

If you are a student, your valuables may already be protected under your parents’ home insurance. Depending on the insurance provider and policy type, students may be covered under their parent’s protection cover when they travel to university. However, not all providers offer this extension to students once they are living away from home. Check with your parents if their home insurance policy covers your belongings. Some home insurance policy extensions could also be limited to only one item at a value of £500. If you are not covered under your parent’s home insurance policy or if it is restricted whilst at university, it may be best to consider a separate contents insurance policy whilst living away from home.  


3. Reducing The Risk of Break-Ins

 To avoid the risk of burglaries it is important to be cautious. We do have a concierge and security in most of our developments however, not all of them, therefore here are simple actions you can take to reduce your chances of burglaries:  

  • Keep valuables away from windows 
  • Invest In a bike lock 
  • Lock your bedroom & main door when leaving the property 
  • Keep your keys or fob on a lanyard 
  • When traveling home during holidays, bring your highly valued processions 

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